Why do we always make things SO DAMN HARD?!

Can you relate to this story…

You decide you want to live a healthier lifestyle and so you research online and talk to everyone you know about the best way to do it. You end up completely overwhelmed with conflicting information – should you do Keto? Low carb? Vegan? Mediterranean? Atkins?

After thorough review, you make a decision. YOU HAVE A PLAN! But, in order to reach your goal you’ve decided you must do a full overhaul of your life because you JUST CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE! Your self-talk sounds something like, “I look gross, I feel gross, I AM GROSS.” So, you choose to go ALL IN. You buy up every healthy food at the grocery store and wish you had a second fridge, but that’s ok…it’ll do…you’re going to eat it all anyway, right?!

Monday comes and you are super motivated. Project New You is off and running! New food, new exercise plan, new mindset, NEW YOU!

Then about a day, or a week, or maybe even a month in, it happens…you are super p*ssed off at yourself because you went off-plan. Maybe you ate the wrong food, or missed your workout, or you haven’t lost a single pound (maybe you’ve even gained weight!). In your mind, you are convinced you are a FAILURE. (Oh, all those veggies you bought are completely rotting away.)

And then, the F*CK IT moment comes. I know you know what I mean! That point when the unraveling begins. All bets are off. You go off the rails and eat all the things and completely give up on your new outlook on life. And just like that, Project New You, goes up in flames and you are back to your old habits.

Maybe you vow to try again on Monday or maybe you just resign to the fact that this healthy way of life is just not for you. Either way, you are feeling pretty down on yourself.

Wanna know why it didn’t work?…YOU MADE IT TOO F*CKING HARD! This, my friends, is why diets fail over and over and over and over and over again…

So how about we just admit that THIS APPROACH DOESN’T WORK for the majority of us! Instead of trying it all over again (remember the definition of insanity?!), WHAT IF you decided to JUST GO SLOW?

Give yourself the benefit of a win!


Life is hectic and crazy enough as it is. Don’t make healthy living feel like a miserable chore with an unattainable end goal. Go slow, and watch as those little changes grow into big shifts. And most importantly, don’t forget to CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES ALONG THE WAY and reflect upon how far you’ve come.

You’ve totally got this!


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